Four complete stories – no cliff hangers!

Whether it’s a new experience or the first time, this collection will take you there…


Alicia Maxwell wasn’t expecting any attention. Her college dorm roommate, Jill, was the kind of girl that attracted star players, not Alicia. Besides, she was at college to learn, not to party or be distracted by some big baller.

But Jonas Peters was different. Gorgeous, blonde and built with a dumb jock persona that was starting to show cracks He wasn’t everything he seemed to be. Or was he?

Alicia was getting to know Jonas and getting more of an education than she ever thought possible…


Marcy never thought her first time would be with a boy AND a girl…
When Marcy started college, she promised herself she would stop being the shy, boring girl she’d been all her life. And to fulfill that promise, she couldn’t ask for a better roommate than Veronica. Veronica attracted adventure like a magnet. But adventure comes with trouble, too. And no matter what she expected out of college, Marcy certainly never expected to develop feelings for a girl – even one as gorgeous and charismatic as Veronica. All she can do is try to hide her feelings…from Veronica, and from herself.

But Marcy’s not as good at hiding her feelings as she thought, and Veronica wants to make sure Marcy never hides those feelings again. She has big plans for virginal Marcy. Plans that involve her boyfriend, Steel, a member of the War Horses MC, and a wild night in his bed. College is supposed to be a time to expand your horizons, and Marcy is about to expand hers in a big way.


The demanding and darkly handsome CEO Robert Callion wasn’t your average boss…
Reese is an artist wanting to pursue her dreams. Her parents want something different for her which definitely doesn’t include art college. When she reaches a breaking point and does something reckless, she finds an unexpected ally in her relentless, billionaire boss. She discovers he might be capable of offering her more – dark and secret pleasures she never thought possible and can’t stop herself from wanting.


Cillian Turick never dreamed he’d find another mate after his first beloved left him, but when his first class of the semester begins with the distinct scent of a mate wafting through the room, it’s all he can do not to claim her right then and there. The only problem? He doesn’t know which of his female students is creating that irresistible smell. Try as he might to ignore it, the wild cat inside him will never let him, and the search for her consumes him entirely…

Cindy has never had an interest in boys. Or girls. Or anyone. A self-titled asexual, she’s lived her whole life devoid of sexual interest. Now, in her junior year of college at a prestigious university, this is a good thing: all the more time to devote to classwork, internships, and grooming herself for a career. Until, that is, she signs up for a class on Shifter Relations with the famed Professor Turick – famed for his knowledge on the subject, but also for his good looks and sexy British accent. The class is supposed to teach Cindy about how shifter populations and human populations can get along, but no sooner does the semester start than she realizes she’ll be learning a whole lot more.

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