Corillion Mates: The Complete Series – 99 CENTS

The Corillion are unlike any alien warrior race in the universe. Instead of being
born, they are spawned and unless they mate with a human female, they will die.
Their need for human females sparks a war between Earth and the strong blue-
scaled Corillion warriors that last decades. Through the chaos come experiences of
passion and desire that bring human female and Corillion warrior male into
unbreakable bonds. They are bonds that not even an intergalactic war can shatter.
Follow the adventures of strong women as they fight with, lust after, and encounter
the Corillion warriors that make them feel more desirable than ever expected in this
sensual hot series!

It all starts when Duron the alien warrior Commander is loyal to his responsibility; capture
human females for high ranking leaders to keep their species alive. While he does not have
the rank to claim a human female of his own, he is chosen to guard one named Shia
Heton. Now, he must restrain himself from taking the female that does not belong to
him, or be punished by death.

Shia Heton was on a science mission to uncover the mysteries of the alien race of the
Corillions, who are at war with Earth. But when she is captured, she goes from
observing the race to being up close and personal with one of its Commanders,
Duron Spaunok. She can’t trust him after his ruthless actions, so why does she find
herself staring with desire at his powerful dominating physical features? Why does
she want him even more when he reveals the deep dark secret of where the
Corillions really came from, and what they need from human females? His life is now
in her hands, but she must betray her own humankind to do it.

Fire tablets associates 300x250 v1

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