Yes, Sir: Bad Boy Billionaire Boss Romance – 99 Cents

He came looking for the perfect servant to fill all his needs, and he found one.

I thought I had it all–a stellar career as maitre d’ on a luxury yacht sailing the crystal waters of the South Pacific–I had it all but a man to match my indomitable spirit. This was supposed to be my last cruise. Then it’s off to the States to visit the family I haven’t seen in five years. But my plans are all about to change when mysterious, sexy Prince Said of Brunei comes on board with some strange ideas about the service I’m supposed to provide.

He can’t get enough of hearing me say “Yes, sir,” and calling him “Your Majesty”. Those words meant nothing to him until he heard me say them.

Now he wants me to say them again and again, on my knees gazing up into his eyes, on my back, pinned against the wall–every way he wants me.

He’s going to own me body and soul. Then he’s going to walk out of my life and I’ll never see him again? I’m just not sure I can live with that.

Db npr associates 300x250

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