Chosen by the Boss – 99 Cents


She needs to be tamed, trained and taken by the boss.
I have money, women, cars, a private jet; everything that I could ever want.
I have one rule that I live by, never mix business with pleasure.
No woman was worth the complications that came with the two.

Then I got a new secretary. A young woman that even had a tempting name. Desiree
It was too close to desire.
Things got complicated.

I wanted Desiree in a way that was completely new to me.
Always hard around her, my mind was the only thing holding me back from claiming her as my own.
I knew better.

I know that Desiree wants me.
I can see it in her jade-green eyes. I can see the need and desire she has.
I make her wet. Her squirming tells me all I need to know.
But I know better, even if she doesn’t.
I’m not the right man to take her innocence.

She doesn’t know that I won’t be easy.
I want her bound and blindfolded in front of me. I didn’t want her to see what was coming.
Desiree wasn’t that way though. She wasn’t submissive.
It would take time to break her.
Time that I didn’t have.
She was against the rules. Would going against them be the end of me?

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