The Alien Badass Complete Series Box Set (Books 1 – 4) – 99 Cents

My ship, my rules.

AVYN – Having been part of the losing side of the civil war on my home planet, I made my home among the stars in my ship, the Tygro. My crew is my family and although we’re branded outlaws and criminals by the Interplanetary Coalition – the IC – we’re just trying to make a living as best as we can.

CASSIE – Once upon a time, I was on track to become one of the youngest commanders in the IC fleet. I’d worked hard to climb the ladder to get to where I was. But thanks to politics and the old boy’s network, my career and the life I’d been constructing came crashing down around me. Stuck out on a desolate outpost as punishment for the sins of another, I was left for dead by the crew I worked with – by the IC themselves. But that’s really where my life got interesting… when Captain Avyn saved me.

Tasked with finding and rescuing a girl who has “mystical powers,” Avyn and his crew race to stay a step ahead of the IC who desperately wants to get their hands on her.

But betrayals abound as escaping the clutches of the IC is proving more difficult than Avyn had anticipated. Tensions flare aboard the Tygro as Cassie falls under suspicion of being an IC informant after a series of close calls and near death experiences.

Can Cassie be trusted? Will Avyn, a smuggler and scoundrel by trade, do the right thing by Cassie and the mysterious girl? Or is everybody scheming to sell eachother out to the IC?

With so much on the line, Avyn and Cassie must find a way to trust eachother if they hope to stay one step ahead of the authorities. If they hope to stay alive…

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