Always, Boss: Bad Boy Office Romance Series Box Set – 99 Cents

She walked in and blew my mind… now I want her to blow something else.
My new employee is professional yet feisty- a perfect package that makes mine stand straight up.
She’s much younger than me and this is her first job. I know I shouldn’t want to be her first f*ck too.
But I built this firm and I’ll take what I know she wants to give me: her cherry.
She’s teasing me with cleavage peeking out of that blouse I’m about to rip off so I can see more.
My hands will be all over her curvy hips just like that short skirt I’ll tear off too.
I’ll loosen her tight little bun so I can pull her hair while she’s bent over my desk.
I can’t wait to tie her up but I never let myself get tied down.
I’ll have my way with her body until she’s whimpering “Yes Boss, Please Boss, More Boss.”
But I won’t let her have her way with my heart.

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