A Baby For My Billionaire Boss 2 – FREE

“God damn, I love that dress,” he said, before licking his lips.

In a single moment, my entire life changed. I was given the greatest gift of all by the man of my dreams. It was a lot harder, a lot rougher than I ever imagined possible. And so, with ruined make-up and torn panties, I made my way back home, happier than I had ever been. I knew that every day could be as beautiful as this one had been, and I looked forward to it.

Only, when the next day came, Carter seemed to have forgotten that last night ever happened.

He asked me for stock advice. He thanked me for my opinion. He smiled when he saw me in the hall. But he did everything possible to keep from talking about our encounter… or the gift that was already growing in my belly.

He said he couldn’t mix business with pleasure, even though I could tell that all he wanted was for me to give him more pleasure. But he did owe me a dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town, and I intended to dress to impress.

I knew that Carter wanted to be a family man, and I had to convince him that he wanted me to be a part of that family. There was no other option. I would do anything to get him. Because, already, he had cemented our relationship with a blessing…

The baby.

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