Hot for Sports – 99 Cents

A Bad Boy Sports Romance Box Set: The Sports Romance Complete Series (Books 1-5)

They had both given up on love. However, fate was about to prove them wrong…

Jake Nash is the star of the Denver Broncos Football Team. His career and his younger sister Rebecca are his only concerns in his life, after their parents died, leaving him and Rebecca in the care of Aunt Maurine. Football became his passion, his escape and his only way of survival when he thought his world had been shattered. Now, a successful professional player, Powerhouse Jake, as they call him, has no time for love, except for a few occasional flings. Although women die to get a bit of his attention, he has only eyes for football. But that’s all about to change when he meets…

Alyssa Ryan… Alyssa is a graphic designer who has just finished college. She leads a peaceful life, trying to get over a bad relationship that shook her to the core. Leaving boys out of the picture, a great career is her only goal. Although she has no interest in football, she is forced to accompany her cousin Matt in a game between the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets as a favor. Alyssa, trying to find her way to the ladies room, meets Jake and asks for direction, but doesn’t recognize who he is. Jake is being an ass to her and although the attraction is instant, Alyssa has the worst impression of Jake ever!

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