Guarded – 99 Cents

Watching over some crazy rich chick seems like a good stop gap from the army. She has no desire to do anything other than get wasted enough to forget.


Is she for real?

I cannot deal with her bullshit.

This woman has no idea what real life is, it is time for a reality check. Not all of us can have everything paid for. Some of us have to work.

I would much rather be back in the army. She’s impossible to deal with.

But not when she steps closer to me, right into my personal space. I can feel her breath tickling my cheek as she speaks.

My heart is thundering, my body shuddering and trembling, there is a stirring inside my underwear that I really need to ignore if I have any hope of getting through this with any intact dignity.


I hate this guy. Why can’t he go? Why does my dad think I need a guard?

Hot blood boils around by body, my temper is burning from the top of my head to my little toes.

How dare my dad do this to me?

If I am going to win this, I would have to throw all images of his body right out of my brain. I will focus on his horrible personality instead.

This wouldn’t be too difficult, would it?

Guards don’t hook up with rich chicks.
But not Parker – he finds himself tumbling into an abyss.
Once he’s in, there might not be a way out again.

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