These Lies She Tells – 99 Cents

He’s a man with a dark past. She has her eye on a bright future. But when the two collide, all bets are off…

Tate Harrison was a guy who had it all — women, popularity, and the envy of those around him — until his shameful downfall that had him running for his life. Years later, he’s back in town but still plagued by the rumours and lies that dogged him before his sudden departure. Then he meets Elena, the first woman to see the real Tate behind his rough reputation.

Elena is doing her best just to survive. Going nowhere fast in her minimum wage job, she’s struggling toward a better future when Tate barges into her store and her life. Despite the rumors about his violent past, Elena can’t help feeling there’s more to him than meets the eye. Elena is determined to focus on the future but the more she pushes Tate away, the more intent he is on worming his way into her heart.

When Tate’s past comes back to bite him, Elena is caught in the cross-fire. Is he worth the risk? Or is the price too high?

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