Consumed (Book One): Alpha Billionaire Romance Series – FREE


Fresh out of college, twenty-year-old Sherlyn Carter is hired for her dream job at Nielson & Co, one of the most reputable investment firms in the world. Graduating early and top of her class, Sherlyn had always been your typical good girl and completely focused her attention on professional success.

But when Sherlyn meets her sexy, billionaire boss, Harvey Adams, her attention takes a dramatic shift. Sheryln falls fast and hard for her new boss, and before she knows it, he is consuming her every thought.

Harvey is not your typical CEO. Tall, handsome, and extremely successful, there is more than meets the eye. Harvey has a dark side that he has never exposed to anyone at the office. That is until he meets the sweet and innocent Sherlyn. After surrendering herself completely to him, Harvey seduces Sherlyn into his dark world and teaches her a painful lesson in love.

As their secret romance begins to heat up, Harvey goes cold as he finds himself battling his own inner demons. He does not want to admit what he knows to be true, but if this really is love, he knows that he must expose his biggest secret…before she finds out.

Read how things unfold in this suspenseful, steamy, page turner.

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