Blackjack Bears: Kean – 99 Cents

Although Kean Koche and his bear-shifter brothers may have just recently escaped from jail, that doesn’t mean they’re free. Far from it, in fact. They can’t go home without being tossed back in prison, and their inner animals can’t cope with life in the human city. So when a tall, mysterious, no-nonsense blonde with thick-legs of pure heaven offers them a way to prove their worth, he can’t help but argue in favor of accepting. The fact that he’ll get to work next to the tantalizing human on a regular basis might have a little to do with it as well.

Madison Kerber’s focus is on the mission at hand. One of her agents is missing, and she needs help to get them back. That might just mean enlisting the aid of the Koche brothers, including the hunky, dreamily delicious Kean. She’s never heard of the brothers before, and her first impression of them left much to be desired. Still, she has to admit Kean has been working hard ever since to show her the true person within.

As they team up to rescue her agent, the pair find that they work well together, professionally and personally. Madison fights hard against it, but her focus keeps wandering from the mission to the easy-on-the-eyes and utterly protective bear shifter that won’t leave her side. As she begins to realize that this temporary partnership might be transforming into something permanent, Madison knows she’ll have to tell him everything. There’s a lot more at stake than just her agent’s life, and it’s about time Kean and his brothers knew the full truth behind the Institute and its designs on their species.

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