Wifed 1: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance – FREE

A lot of people say that I’m a golden boy. Others say that I’m nothing more than a playboy. But they all agree to say that I’m a bad boy. I’m the kind of a man you don’t want around your daughter, especially if she’s beautiful. In other words, I’m parents’ worst nightmare.

I used to be proud of this infamous reputation until it became a major roadblock for my career. My father is getting old and someone needs to take over the family business. It’s supposed to be me, except that the board members will do anything to make my life a living hell–like hiring an outsider to become the next CEO.

Why? Because they can’t get laid as much as I do and they can’t stand me. They envy me. They resent me. They want me to change. They want me to settle down.

My only option is to give them what they want, even if I need to fake it. There’s only one problem: I need a wife and I can’t find anyone willing to tie the knot with someone like me. Not after everything I’ve done.

But my new maid is gorgeous and sexy as hell, and you know what? She’ll be perfect for the job…



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