Boss Me Hard – 99 Cents

I work hard, but I play harder.

I’m a billionaire. I’ve got money in my pocket and women in my pants.
But when Alexis walks into my life, business goes out the window.
I have to focus. I can’t be side-tracked by her hot curves and f*ck-me eyes.
Still, something tells me this might be exactly what I need – in and out of the boardroom.

I get the job done.
I’ve got a mind for business and a body for fun.
But when I meet the all-powerful Nathaniel Jenkins, everything changes.
Suddenly, ‘all work, no play’ won’t cut it.
All I can think about are my legs wrapped around his hard body and his lips on mine.
He can act like a big, bad boss all he wants, but I’m going to show him who’s the real boss.

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