Too Big for the Duke: Regency Romance (Chance at Love Book 1) – 99 Cents

The full figured older sister with long blond locks was not the image of a woman the Duke would be married to.

Cordelia is a big girl and she’s proud, the same can’t be said about her family. They just want to send her off to marry a rich Duke to help pay off her family’s debt.
Cordelia’s family have almost no money to their name. There’s barely enough to support one person – never mind three. Her mother’s suggestion isn’t something anyone expected – but big and beautiful Cordelia has no choice. So she allows her mother to arrange a marriage between herself and the distant, confusing Duke Darius Keating.
Things don’t go entirely to plan. The Duke doesn’t seem to care for her and she ends up falling for another man. He is everything the Duke isn’t; kind, friendly, excitable. He’s perfect for her. Unfortunately, she also has slight feelings for the Duke and he’s the one that has the money to pay off the debt.
Of course, falling for two men is nobody’s ideal – things are only made worse when a third man makes his feelings known. She’s created a mess for herself! If that wasn’t bad enough, the man she really wants refuses to talk to her after he finds out he isn’t her one and only. How is she going to fix things between them, and what will her family do if the Duke won’t marry her and share his money?

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