The Silent Affair – 99 Cents

After ten years of being wrongfully accused for her twin sister’s death, Brooke Marshall returns home, having spent nine years in a psychiatric facility. Brooke doesn’t have any recollection of the night her sister was killed, the tragic incident has left her in silence.

Cameron Goldman is home for the summer from Boston and by chance bumps into Brooke. The two used to be very good friends, but lost touch.

Brooke is adamant to prove to her family, especially her mother, that she was not responsible for the death of her sister. However since she cannot remember anything of that night, plus her silence, this proves a most difficult task.

Will Brooke be able to regain her memory and her speech? With Cameron’s help will she be able to convince her mother, as well as everyone else that she didn’t kill her sister? And will she be able to figure out the truth about what happened that fateful night, and who killed Sarah? Through all of her heartache can Brooke find love?

Find out what happens in this wonderful, Christian Romance tale from Serenity Jones…

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