One In A Billion: Boxset 3 – 99 Cents

Enjoy 5 full length, no cliffhanger billionaire romance books in this collection.
Over 1,000 pages of romance, drama, and suspense…

Titles Included:

Nine Months
Diamond tycoon, Aiden has everything money can buy, except a kid. Yeah, he’s a guy, but guys get broody, too. Besides, his biological clock is ticking. The only hitch is he doesn’t want the wife. Who wants to go through a messy divorce, especially if you risk losing half of your hard-earned fortune to your ex-wife? He could pay a surrogate mother, but it will contradict the very value of marriage his engagement ring jewelry business stands for, and he worked too hard to throw it away, now. When his CFO embezzles company funds, Aiden finds the solution to his dilemma. To prevent her father from going to jail, Jenna must give Aiden a baby. Problem solved.

Secret Vacation
Frida thinks she has successfully managed to hide from what she was running away. She believes living in isolation is exactly what cures a broken heart. Till the handsome, witty and older, Gareth shows up. He is a guest in her B&B and therefore out of bounds, besides Frida doesn’t have the space in her heart for another man. Although she knows nothing about Gareth, what she does know is that he isn’t interested in anything serious. Frida cannot afford to have her heart broken again, especially by someone who is hiding secrets of his own.

Tragic Tale
Already on the run from an abusive ex-husband, Holly Price doesn’t realize that when she accepts the job writing for billionaire Julian Petrokov, she is getting in over her head. Julian tells her dark stories about his past and though they frighten Holly, she can’t help but to be captivated by his history and his charm. When Holly is threatened by the gang who is after Julian’s head, the two of them are forced to flee to Julian’s private island, where they grow even closer as he weaves his tragic tale. It’s there that Holly realizes just how deeply she feels for Julian, but what she doesn’t know yet is that loving him could mean making the ultimate sacrifice, one that could cost her her life.

Coded In You

Beaches and Benches
Kaarin Lind is perfectly happy all alone, thank you very much, despite whatever her aunt might say. With a successful career as a lawyer, she feels no desire to seek out companionship outside of her half-feral tomcat. That is, until she meets Carson Deveroux. After a whirlwind romance that leaves her questioning everything in her life, Kaarin meets Carson once again–this time, in the court room. Carson Deveroux thought he had life all figured out. Until Kaarin Lind stumbled onto his private beach and turned his world upside down. Now, he must choose between his future and the woman he has fallen madly in love with, and his comfortable past and family.

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