Drackon Mates: The Complete Series (Books 1-6) – 99 Cents

The Drackon alien warriors have it all. They are strong and fierce with the ability to
shift into dragon form. But when they encounter the strong and intelligent women
of Earth, they must have them. They must mate with them. Through a registry
program it is possible, but nothing ever goes at it should. How can any woman resist
their silver hard scales, silver wings, and the firm muscular physiques of such tall
intense warriors? Follow the journeys of strong heroines as they journey through
the Drackon worlds and experience the wildest passions a dragon shifter has to
offer in this fantasy hot series!

It all starts when the Drackon Prince set to inherit the throne, Prince Jarith Rykor is
a dragon shifter reluctant to take on the responsibility of being king.
He only wants to fly and indulge in debauchery. But when his father
makes him take an assignment that takes him to Earth, Jarith has to
do his duty and visit the Gladonetics Corporation, even though he
despises the humans of Earth.

It all changes when he meets the CEO of Gladonetics, human
female Marissa Volander with a desirable pheromone scent that
drives him crazy. But Marissa is a femme fatal and has no interest
in being anyone’s mate, until she is forced to go on a mission with
the prince back to his home planet.

Jarith wants her, but he realizes that his father sent him to fetch Marissa
for his own needs. Marissa can’t be his because she belongs to his
father, the king…

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