Single Daddy In The Club – 99 CENTS

Hunter James is back in town, this time as a single dad…

My single parent group is the last place in the world I expect to bump into the man who broke my heart.
The problem is Hunter James is not just any man. He’s tall, dark, and as hot as sin. I need to go to church and pray that he’ll keep away from me.
His irresponsible, one-night stand has left him with a little girl, and for some reason, he thinks that it’s my problem.
I should laugh at him.
He deserves it.
But he charms the group into letting him join and now I’m stuck looking into his blue eyes. He turns my parenting group into a dating one as he invites all his single friends to join. The last thing they need is another man in their lives. It’s a shame that I’m the only one who sees that. They turn up to the meeting and leave one-by-one.
Leaving me alone with Hunter James and he’s not trying to get some single parenting advice.
Hunter James has something much dirtier in mind!

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